Hearing Protection

Loss of hearing is a gradual process yet we seldom, if ever, are conscious of deterioration until itโ€™s too late. Workplace noise can easily be compounded by factors within our everyday environment such as traffic, domestic machinery, gadgets and loud music, all of which contribute to the invisible problem of impaired and irreversible loss of hearing.


As threats to our hearing are largely invisible these threats are not quickly and continuously addressed. Long-term damage only become apparent about 10 to 20 years after being exposes to hearing loss threats.


All hearing protection products comply with the CE standard and have been tested in accordance with the applicable European standards in line with current EU legislation. Continuous quality assurance via ISO 9001/1994


All hearing protection products adhere to the European hearing standard EN 352 and the South African Bureau of Standards SABS 50352.

Continuous quality assurance via ISO 9001.


The authoritative EN norms are:

  • EN 352-1 Earmuffs
  • EN 352-2 Earplugs
  • EN 352-3 Helmets and earpieces
  • Over-exposure Measured in dB (decibels)

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